Preparation Create Folders to Backup Your Data

In this section, we'll discuss how to prepare before deleting / removing your data. If you choose to only deactivate your accounts - your data will still exist on Facebook. However, if you choose to delete your data it will be completely removed from Facebook (hopefully ;)

Table of Contents

  1. Create a Backup Folder
  2. Create a Contact Spreadsheet
  3. Create a Farewell Template


1. Create a Backup Folder

We'll create a specific folder to store all our data from each Facebook service.

To start create a main folder called FBGraveyard. Within that folder create 3 folders for each service: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

Your folder structure should look like this

  • Create a FBGraveyard folder
  • Create 1 folder for each service
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • WhatsApp

backup folder

2. Create a Contact Spreadsheet

The next step is to create a spreadsheet to store all of your contact information.

  • Go to Google Sheets
  • Create a new empty sheet labeled FB Contacts
  • Format your document however you see fit (or you can File -> Make a copy this sheet)

Facebook contacts spreadsheet

3. Create an Email Template

Before you deactivate/delete your accounts you may want to message your contacts to let them know you're dipping out. How else will they know how to contact you!?

Therefore, we're going to make a little email/phone template to share ways to contact you in the future (if you want). Tailor this to your wants and needs, but here's mine for reference...

Hey {contact_name} -

{your_name} here. I'm taking a break and removing my data from
{platform} for now, but if you'd like to keep in touch I'm going
to leave my contact info below.

Email - {your_email}
Phone - {your_phone_number}

All the best :)


  • You should have a local folder with 3 subfolders for each Facebook service.
  • You should have started a blank spreadsheet for adding contacts into.
  • You should have created a short email/message template for sending to friends about leaving FB/Insta/WA.

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